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Seriously folks, wow.

I was all freaked out about some complications in my housing situation yesterday and didn't get any shuteye until around 3am. This left me sleeping through my alarm, crawling groggily out of bed 30 minutes late, and crossing my fingers as I carried on as best I could manage.

Somehow I kept it all together through my class, then I met up with my brother and we went out for something to eat. Cobb Salad. Yum! This is new to me. Well, the name more than the concoction itself. Mixing veggies with eggs, meat, and bacon is old-hat here at home, but seeing it done somewhere else and under a name that was discussed as though it's a common thing to be found in other places was... exciting!

I shall endeavour to find more of this 'Cobb Salad' elsewhere.

In other news, VCON is this coming weekend. I still need to get in touch with a volunteer driver to help me transport a car-load of stuff so I'm not lugging it about on Transit like a daft beast of burden. But, it will be interesting to get out to it for the weekend with the kids in tow.

But, for now it is into bed I shall tumble - weary and in need of rest.

Here's hoping I get some actual sleep this time!
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