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Poly this, poly that, wheee!

Ok, polyamory aside I just wandered into a face-full of details & such about a new kind of poly - Polyphasic Sleep.

What is it? Well, it's about how you get about two hours of REM through your entire 8-9 hour sleep. Huge chunks of that period are taken up by drifting in-and-out of REM. But, there's a way to break your sleep up into bite-size REM nuggets - each 20-30 minutes long and scattered through your day. You end up power-napping six times/day and getting all, or even more, of the sleep you need as you do it.

This leads to an unusual sleep schedule, 4-5 hours of extra time per day, and... well, a need to find nap-zones if you're out for more than 4 hours at a go. Dinner and a movie turns into dinner, naptime, and a movie. Awkward? Maaaybe.

For more info, take a look at Steve Pavlina's Polyphasic Blog and see what you think.

I'm interested. I'm also not about to saddle my family with the effects of the transition period during Christmas so I'll dive into this sucker sometime around the 28th and see what happens.

I mean, I already don't sleep much. How far does this dial go? :oD
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