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Christmas is still lingering in the air around here - the smell of turkey, the faint jingling of tunes, leftovers packing the fridge, and a tree the size of Michigan looming unobtrusively in the corner of the living room.

It was a lot of fun, pictures have been posted and a great heaping helping of dinner has been consumed amidst friends and family.

For Gareth, monies towards his newfound VEX addiction. One I wholly support.

For Mister, LEGO galore (another addiction I wholly support) as well as art supplies and a 'wee screwdriver.

For me? Clothes and tools. Surprisingly exciting and something I'll be using to build shelves in the near future.

Now it's 2:30am and I'm still awake. All the work I do to make the sugars in my diet (read: apple pie and brownies) as slow as possible can make my blood sugar continue to rise after bedtime and tonight I was roused from my slumber to find my 6.2 had climbed to 19.9.

The solution? Medicate, hydrate, and wait - I should be settled soon and back in bed within the hour.

Thankfully a tryptophan-fueled nap from 9-11 will help me deal with any missed sleep.

How about everybody else in eChristmas-land? Have things been filled with ho-ho-holiday cheer?


Dec. 24th, 2010 11:16 am
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'tis the morning of Christmas Eve and I'm on the coast with family and THE BIGGEST TREE EVER. Seriously, this thing is 12 feet tall and bushier than... what's really bushy?... my beard!

From Gone Hunting

Heh, camp beard. I swear I'll shave it down some once winter is over but it's doing such a fine job of keeping my face warm right now that I've grown attached to it. :oP

Anyway, the climax of the holiday season is nearly upon us and my best wishes go out to plaidalicious and her partner who could both use a little extra Christmas cheer right now.
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I keep meaning to start writing something, anything, on a daily basis so as to get the habit of writing going again. Somewhere along the way, I've ceased writing and it's making the skill rusty and awkward. Not fun.

I think I've posted to this effect before. Recently even.

Well, here we go again.

Monday was the first day in a while I've made it all the way through my Egoscue exercises and it felt great! I'll give them a go tomorrow too and see if I can get past that damnable Supine Groin Stretch again.

Well, once I've picked up that locally-raised meat order and finished a few final Christmas errands.

Then at home it's wrapping & card time. Do I have tape? I think I do. *fingers crossed*

At least I know I have the hardware required to open a can of tuna!

Anyway, 'tis too late but I wanted to get this done before I sacked out.


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