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Wow, today was a triumph of will and productivity!

It all started before I went to bed when I finally got my resume re-worked and updated, clearing a hurdle that's been stymying my job-hunting for some time now. It was also some nice progress on the task of building my ability to tackle things that don't have an immediate payoff.

After a solid night's sleep, I woke up and very deliberately left my computer the hell alone until I'd done my Egoscue exercises. For the first time in a while I managed to abide by this and get all the way through them! W00T!

Of course my blood sugar ran a bit low in the process so I ended up devouring more breakfast than intended so I had some weebling and wobbling to handle blood sugar wise.

But, it was good.

Then, ice broken on updating my resume, I dug up all the gack I've been working on for the last few months and did more work on my resume - finally uploading it to google docs and sending off a job application for a web development position I came across.


Then Gareth swung by to watch a movie (Appleseed - very pretty, I think it used the same 3D modelling with hand-drawn skins animation first used in Steamboy) and then dive into a very awesome gaming session. An ongoing banter between two characters made me chuckle, the two new players jumped in with both feet, and a major NPC villain-type was defeated through diplomacy and dialogue rather than the application of brute force.


theturtlemoves: Me in the virgin games at the Rocky Horror stage show in 2009 (Default)

I got to the Supine Groin Stretch today then took one look at the floor and decided to sweep & clean rather than lie down to do the stretch. Now I'm... well, I'll see if I can get back on track with finishing my stretches.

In other news, I finally had a few days at home and was hoping to do some socializing and touch base with the neighbour folk only to find nobody responding to any of my attempts to get in touch and even the roomie was gone to the island.

So, rather than catching up on some socializing, Mister and I spent the day at home. We ran some errands and did a bit of walking about, then came home and built LEGO.

Not bad, and I got some filing and such sorted out, but... I was hoping for more. Especially since I'm now back to house-sitting and won't be able to really get together with people for a while. :o\

Anyway, on with the day!


theturtlemoves: Me in the virgin games at the Rocky Horror stage show in 2009 (Default)

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